Fokusmoment: 4 Junie 2017

Martin Luther het die brief van Paulus aan die Galasiërs beskou as een van die belangrikste boeke van die Bybel.  Hy skryf hieroor in sy Kommentaar “Commentary on St. Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians”:

“We can hear the Apostle saying to himself: ‘I will not burden the Gentiles with the Law, because I am their apostle and not their lawgiver. Not once did you Galatians hear me speak of the righteousness of the Law or of works. My job was to bring you the Gospel. Therefore you ought to listen to no teachers of the Law, but the Gospel; not Moses, but the Son of God; not the righteousness of works, but the righteousness of faith must be proclaimed to the Gentiles. That is the right kind of preaching for Gentiles.’”